Michael joined us in 2013 and is a partner in the Sofinnova Industrial Biotech Strategy.

His primary focus is on identifying early-stage deals in Europe and North America with applications ranging from chemicals, materials, agriculture, food, feed, and synthetic biology.

The IB Fund’s contribution to sustainability is important to him.

In addition to being a board member of Afyren, Michael is or has been on the board of directors of Elicit Plant, Meiogenix, EnginZyme, Comet Bio, and EnobraQ. He also served for 2 years as the CEO of EnobraQ, a Sofinnova Partners’ Green Seed Fund portfolio company.

He looks for founders with the ability to roll with the punches.

Michael came to biotech and venture capital via science and consulting.

Before joining Sofinnova, Michael spent six years in industrial biotech start-ups, in senior business development roles.  He also worked in a consulting firm advising companies on strategic R&D and organizational issues.

Michael is an engineer who graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Paris X Orsay University.