Chromosome Editing

Meiotic recombination is a natural process during gametes formation that leads to an exchange of parental genetic material. This is how genetic diversity is generated in nature and what makes each of us unique. In agriculture, this process is at the basis of plant breeding and generation of new varieties.

Meiogenix technology enables the targeting of homologous recombination in plant genomes, thus allowing to rationalize the re-assembly of traits during the breeding process.

Meiogenix product development based on the natural process of recombination (i) reduces the lengthy breeding cycles from 6-13 years to 3-7 years and (ii) allows to develop entirely new complex traits or natural biodiversity that cannot be used due to linkage drags.

3 major applications are being developed:

  • Rational transfer of gene edits or transgenes into a large number of commercial germplasm, in order to limit the operational burden of selfing of hundred or thousand of geographically optimized germplasm.
  • Removal of linkage drag: Isolating useful traits, such as increased immunity to pests or an improved quality, from low agronomic performance of wild varieties
  • Generation of complex traits, such as flavor, fragrance, drought tolerance, nitrogen or water use efficiency, by bringing together large number of genetic elements.